Interview with knitting designer Svetlana Volkova


I was lucky enough to get “Svetlana Volkova to agree to allow me to interview her for my site. Svetlana was born and grew up in Kiev, Ukraine where she learned to knit from her mother and grandmother. She started designing for herself long ago and published her first pattern in 2010. Now she lives in Moscow with her husband, son and cat. Apart from her native Ukrainian and Russian, she speaks English, French, and German. She is a stay-at-home mum of a two-year old boy and a knitwear designer when she gets a free minute.

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Brooklyn Tweed’s Wool People – Ninth Edition Out!

Targhee Sheep_Brooklyn Tweed

Brooklyn Tweed’s Mission: “Our mission is to integrate history and tradition with new trends and modern techniques.”

If you have not heard, yet, that Brooklyn Tweed’s Wool People is out with its 9th edition – you need to check it out! It is amazing: Patterns include 1 cardigan, 1 vest, 1 dress, 2 scarf, 5 shawl, and 4 pull overs. I’ve fallen in love with Brooklyn Tweed’s Gyre Eyelet Scarf with a Ray Motif (shown below). It’s a rectangular shawl that offers multiple options regarding how you can wear it.

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Between Howling Dogs, Planting Flowers, and Painting Every Room Upstairs! (along with an idea for this blog…)


I’ve never minded barking dogs. But the people next door, who have two large dogs, are out-of-town – and their daughters are taking care of the place. I think they put one of the dogs in a cage all day in a room (with an open window) directly next to my bedroom – and the dog howls-all-day. Oh-My-Goodness. I don’t know who I feel more sorry for – the dog or me. (Actually, it’s the dog… but it’s a close call.)

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Organizing My Yarn


So I had this great idea – which actually turned out to be a great idea!  I took one of the photo boxes I purchased from Michael’s and, using the index cards from multiple boxes, took a sample of every skein of yarn I have (not from multiple skeins of the same brand, color, etc.) and wrapped it around the card vertically, wrote all the information about the yarn on each card, and arranged them alphabetically – after arranging according to weight (Lace, then Fingering, etc.)…

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A baby sweater – and more socks, of course…

Placket turned down to make collar

I’m on my last 100-Day Project item:

  • A pair of crazy socks for my friend Cris (which I don’t want to post here – yet – in case she reads this blog…),
  • a pair of yellow socks for a person I met via Facebook (through me email offering to knit items for the 100-Day Project) who teaches English in China,
  • a baby sweater for a very sweet couple who I met when I moved into an apartment a few years back, and
  • another pair of socks, these for one of my great-nephews for Christmas.

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